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The last news 30.04.2024 As you can see on the page below, we have again prepared some news for you. 3D printing technology is becoming more and more popular and therefore some models are composed of both resin parts and parts made by 3D printing. For some models, we have completely switched to this technology - you can see this with the screw sets that we made as a new generation using 3D printing. We believe that our news will interest you.
Model Show Mosson 10.04.2024 This year we are also participating in the Model Show in Mošon. It is possible to place an order now, we will bring the ordered model to your place and you can pick it up at our stand.
News for February 15.02.2024 Once again, we have prepared several novelties that you can see on the page below.
Christmas wishes and the latest news t... 07.12.2023 We have prepared some news for you at the end of the year, which you can see on the page below, and we wish you a peaceful Christmas holiday, lots of gifts and good luck, health and well-being in the new year 2023.
Scale model Challenge 27.09.2023 On October 14 and 15, we will participate in the Scale model challenge in Eindhoven. You can order the goods now and we will bring them to you in Eindhoven. You can order the goods through our website and mark Scale Model Challenge as the delivery of the goods.
News for September 27.09.2023 For this month, we have prepared in 1/35 scale these novelties No. 585 Grain thresher and 593 Railway guard house. In the Detail press series, i.e. models made using 3D printing technology, these models are DP3021 Beer crates, DP3022 Low plastic tool boxes, DP3023 High plastic tool boxes, DP3024 Water containers, DP3025 German workshop compressor, DP3026 German welding kit, DP3027 British engineering pulleys, DP3028 Oil containers, DP3029 Universal plastic crates.
New postage prices 11.09.2023 We have to react to the prices for postal services, which have been changing very quickly lately, and that is why we have adjusted the prices of postage. We tried to get as close as possible to the real prices, while not unnecessarily complicating the system with a large number of options. Details can be found in the Delivery and Payments section. We continue to ship goods to all parts of the world and these new prices apply to all shipments without exception.
News for Juni 2023 01.06.2023 We've added a few new additions to the Detail Press line, which are items made using precision 3D printing. In 1/72 scale we have produced several types of discs for the A-26 Invader model, and in 1/35 scale new are the workshop grinder and two laser cut sets. We hope you will be satisfied and thank you for your patronage.
New prices for March 2023 28.02.2023 Unfortunately, even we are not spared from the constant increase in the prices of materials and energy necessary for our production. Of course, we try to save money and modernize our production, but we cannot avoid price increases. We are therefore increasing the prices of our models by 10% from 1 March 2023. Please accept our apologies but it is unavoidable.
News for February 14.02.2023 We are opening a new line of Detail Press products that we produce using 3D printing. Now we offer models in 1/35 scale, but of course we assume that the range will be expanded to include models of other scales. 3D printing allows us to make our models in a quality that cannot be achieved by casting. This does not mean that we will end with cast models or sets, we will of course continue with them, but we will replace them more or combine them with 3D printing.
Important warning 18.01.2023 Our system sends a message about the received order immediately after you place the order. The second confirmation of the order is sent by the worker who processes your order, the third message is sent when the goods are shipped, and the fourth message is sent as information about the completion and processing of your order. If you do not receive any of these messages, then most likely these messages fell into spam. We therefore recommend that you first check the spam in your mail program. Even ... more info
Happy Christmas 15.12.2022 Dear customers, we wish you a peaceful Christmas holiday, lots of gifts and good luck, health and well-being in the new year 2023
News for November 28.11.2022 We have prepared news for November that you can see below. We would like to pick up the model AL4055 Bomb trailer, which is the first such model made of plastic for us. We are also preparing new lines of products made by direct 3D printing and we believe you will like them.
News for October 27.09.2022 We have prepared some news for you. So first the 1/35 scale, here you will find the Ammunition Car for Austria Hungarian Electric Train C-Zug catalog number 516. Next is the assembly of the Ammunition Car and Artileriegeneratorwagen M.16 under catalog number 587. In the Dioramas and structures category you will find Feeder under catalog number 248 and Service ramp with catalog number 581. In the Sets category you will find a new Food set under number 569. Many items have been added in the Aeroli... more info
Transfer completed 13.09.2022 We thank all customers for their patience in waiting for their orders to be processed. The good news is that the move to the new location is over and from today we start shipping all the accumulated orders
Company relocation 18.08.2022 From August 22, 2022 to September 1, 2022, we will be moving our company to new premises at Pražská 56, České Budějovice. During this period, our ability to fulfill orders will be very limited. We therefore ask for your understanding and patience. Of course, the orders will not be lost, but we will be able to process them a little later.
Some news 24.01.2022 First of all, let us welcome you in the new year. And now a few words about the news - first of all, perhaps we will please those interested in technology from the First World War by returning to the completion of the ammunition car for the Generatorwagen Daimler. This is a really complicated construction and hopefully we will be able to finish it this time. You may have also noticed that we will be releasing a new plastic model in 1/72 scale, the last torpedo biplane on the American aircraft ca... more info
Model of year 2021 03.02.2021 We received the Model of the Year 2021 award from Modellfan magazine for the Hyster forklift model catalog number 484
Welcome to 2021 11.01.2021 Until the new year, we wish everyone good health and positive thinking in these difficult times. We believe that our models will improve your mood and hopefully we have met your wishes with the news. We also apologize for the delay in model No. 516 Ammunition Truck. Coronavirus intervened in the preparation of the manual and we still could not follow up on the work started in October last year. However, we are determined to release the model at the end of April.
Welcome on our new website 06.05.2020 Finally, the long expected day has arrived and we are starting our new website. We heard our customers and made a new eshop where you can directly buy all the products of our company Plus Model. As you can see, our website has a completely new design, which we hope is more user friendly and more appealing to the eye. Our list of products keeps growing bigger, so if you can't find a product today, there is a chance you might find it tomorrow. We obviously happily invite you to join us on Facebo... more info